Many times we feel energetically open and can’t seem to muster the strength or defenses to protect ourselves against unwanted or discordant energy coming from others. We feel like fly paper, exposed and catching anything that comes our way. There are also times when we just want to feel more confident and centered about ourselves so we can face a difficult situation.

Procedure: Start with your hand at your pelvic bone and move straight upward, like you are zipping the center of your body or your inner core. Continue all the way up to your lower lip, but not beyond, as you want to have clear vision and insight. Do this 3 times, or until you feel centered and ready to face the world again. Remember to breathe.

You may find it useful to repeat a mantra that fits the situation, such as “I am safe, all is well” or “I let go of all negative energy and find peace”, while visualizing yourself connecting to Source or your Higher Self.

One of the main pathways that energy uses to move through the body is the central meridian pathway which runs up the center of the body. When this a out of balance we may feel like our soft underbelly is exposed and the Zip-up can help to balance and put some protective skin over our vulnerable parts, helping us to feel contained, protected, and in control of our power.