About Me

As a massage therapist I found myself getting physically ill from “energy sickness” after working with certain clients, but it would most often happen when those clients were healers themselves. Having been a scientific researcher I started testing and searching for  answers.  

Over the years I have acquired an understanding and the skills needed, not only manage my own energy, but to assist others as well.  I get how it feels to be affected by the energy of others, and it makes me passionate about providing the tools and information people need to create healthy energy boundaries.

Most of my clients are healers and highly sensitive people who get hit hard by the unbalanced energies of others. However, anyone working with the public, or people in physical, mental, or spiritual pain is at a greater risk of being affected. My clients are people who want to take responsibility for their energy and committed to their own health, safety, and sanity. Together we find ways that they can continue being of service and helping others, while preserving their own energetic well-being.  

For over two decades, I have been dedicated to empowering people with the information and techniques they need to be healthy and vibrant.

There comes a time when you can no longer hope it goes away.  That’s when you need to take action!

Interested in investigating energy techniques for yourself? Take a look at my services.

If I don’t clean up my energy, I get really drained by work and my patients start canceling. Dewey has taught me how to keep intentions and energy clear so I can continue to thrive.  She is AMAZING!!!
Dr. Ilana Gurnich, Naturopathic Physician and Licensed Acupuncturist