Today more than ever we need ways to get clear inner guidance. Join Dewey Meyer and learn to use the pendulum to access the information you need to help you through these challenging times. Explore both the power and practicality this tool has to offer.

Learn how to:

  • Pick a pendulum, or know when one picks you
  • Understand your pendulum’s personality, along with its strengths and weaknesses
  • Ask proper questions to get clear and concise information
  • Know what to do when your pendulum “isn’t working”

With a solid handle on the basics, you’ll start getting information immediately that can help bring clarity and direction to your life.

You will get a free pendulum for enrolling in this class.  If you want to guarantee that your pendulum arrives at your house in time for the class, please sign up 2 weeks in advance of class.

If your pendulum does not arrive in time, don’t worry! You will learn to make pendulums from whatever is available.

If you would like this talk to come to your area, contact