Homes and workplaces absorb energy from those who occupy the space, whether current or past occupants. The energy may be positive or negative, but can feel especially detrimental if there have been long periods of anger, depression or chronic discontent in that location. There are also instances when wandering souls (entities) are in these spaces causing discord who would benefit from assistance in crossing over and moving forward in their own evolution. Clearings are always done from a place of compassion for all souls involved.

Why would you want a space clearing?

  • You have a space in which healing or counseling is performed.
  • There has been a divorce, a serious or sudden illness, or a death on the premises.
  • You feel exhausted while in the space, but nowhere else.
  • You have recently moved into a new place or are trying to sell a home.
  • When in the space something just doesn’t feel right.

During these sessions the space is cleared of negative or discordant energy and then revitalized with energies of well-being and protection.

These sessions can be done on site or remotely.

Rates: $175 – $300 depending on size of home or office.    Call 503-853-6740 or email to discuss if this is the right course of action for your situation.


Space Clearing