Just grab a bottle, shake it and spray,
then feel that funky juju go away!

This clearing spray is great for use in homes, public spaces, and when traveling.  It was designed with healthcare workers and highly sensitive people in mind.   It is lightly scented with pure essential oils, leaving your space clear of unbalanced energy without a lingering smell.

All ingredients are of the highest quality and were chosen specifically for their clearing, balancing and protective qualities.

  • Alaea Hawaiian Ceremonial Salt – powerful protection against all things funky.
  • Omani Frankincense Essential Oil – used to dispel negative energy for thousands of years.
  • Sage Essential Oil – called “Sage the Savior” because it wards off bad mojo.
  • Urtica Urens (Dwarf Nettle) homeopathic – backs down whatever is stinging you.
  • Angelsword Flower Essence – cuts away dis-eased energy that anyone left behind.

“A man came into the shop saying he was really stressed about work. After listening, I suggested that he try spraying Funky Ju-Ju Be Gone around his cubicle to clear away the negative energy. He came in the next day very excited and said that things at work settled down IMMEDIATELY and he was so grateful for the suggestion.”
—Terra K. – New Renaissance Bookshop, Portland, OR

“I’m a Social Worker at the Welfare Office and I interviewed a schizophrenic/ bi polar client with awful energy. I was shaking when I got to my desk. I remembered I had your spray in my bag and it was instant clearing !!!!  I feel so much better!   I just ordered more products online 🙂
Thank you again!”
—Cynthia, NY

Ships from Portland, Oregon via USPS First Class Mail (2-5 business days) 4 oz Bottle $21.95 + shipping costs.

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Product Ingredients

Energized Water, Dead Sea Salt, Alaea Hawaiian Ceremonial Salt, Pure Ocean Atlantic Sea Salt, essential oils (Frankincense, Sage, Lime, Petitgrain, Kaffir Lime leaf), Spilanthes acmella tincture (Toothache Plant), Angelsword tincture, Urtica Urens 30c, Tsavorite Gem essence, vitamin E, Alcohol, Glycerin