This keeps our energy pathways moving and clear of obstacles or “stuckness”. It also makes it difficult for other peoples unbalanced energy to take hold within our systems.

Procedure: Take 3 normal breaths in through your nose then slowly and quietly exhale out through your mouth. Close your eyes and connect crown of head (chakra 7) to our higher self, Source, or the sun. Open your crown, relax, and allow the energy to flow in and circulate in the crown chakra. After you feel it moving smoothly and easily move to your 3rd eye (chakra 6) and circulate, then on down through each chakra, bringing light and energy to any area that feels stuck, dark, or of low vibration. See if you can keep the chakras that you already cleared circulating as you move to the next one. When you finish with your pelvis and chakra 1, take 3 breaths in though your nose and out through your mouth, then slowly open your eyes.